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    1. Chronic Illness, Health, On Life

      I Am Enough.

      Content Warning: body image issues, eating disorders, internalized ableism. I am enough. That’s a sentence I’m trying so hard to embrace and to believe. I’ve felt glimpses of it in the past. I’ve had good weeks and sometimes even months where I could say those words and they felt like truth. But something happened along […] Read more…

      A photo of a bedroom. On the bed is a neck brace. Next to the bed is a wheelchair, a crutch, and a nightstand with some meditions and beverage containers.
      Chronic Illness, Health

      A difficult life is not less.

      The bed in that photo is mine. It’s where I spend most of my time. It’s where I’ve spent most of my time for the last 6 years or so. Well, we’ve gotten a new bed since then, but I just swapped one memory foam surface for another and rried on like before. I lay […] Read more…

      A close-up photo of Lisa's jean jacket laying on top of a wooden table. In the top centre of the jacket is a large iron on patch with a lot of flowers that says "I will make it out of this alive."
      Chronic Illness, Health

      Questioning my future as an advote

      I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting this month. I’ve been noticing how much lmer my mind is when I just ocsionally check social media and feel no obligation to constantly refresh apps like instagram and facebook. Which has got me thinking a lot about the advocy volunteer work that I do. Being an advote […] Read more…

      A photo of my black manual wheelchair in front of my fireplace that is filled with colourful decor. On the backrest of the chair is a small paper gold crown.
      Mobility Aids

      A Wheelchair Appreciation Post

      Another day, another international awareness mpaign. Today we are celebrating International Wheelchair Day. And I n definitely get behind that by revamping an old facebook post I wrote on this topic beuse my main goal in life is to get people to act less weird about wheelchairs. I don’t love being sick and having my […] Read more…

      A blog banner with a picture of me sitting up in my bed wearing a black dress, a travel neck pillow, and a gold paper crown. Text reads "It's been a year."

      It’s Been a Year.

      Hi. I haven’t done this in a very long time. It’s been so long that I’m not even sure where to begin, beuse so much has happened in that window of time. And I know that n be said for everyone. This year has been a dede long.  When I think back on what has […] Read more…

      Chronic Illness

      The Path Where It Was Taking Me

      Lately, I have been thinking a lot about loss. I have been feeling a loss that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Being chronilly ill and becoming disabled has brought about some losses I never expected to feel, or to feel this hard. And there always seems to be another one around the corner. I try to live in the moment, be positive and grateful (all of those characteristics everyone wants to see in a sick person), but some days I’m hit head on with that very real feeling of “what if this never happened to me?” Dreadful, I know. Read more…

      Chronic Illness

      This is Hard, But I’m Okay.

      You know what? This is all really hard sometimes. I joke around a lot. I look for humour in every situation I find myself in. I smile and laugh and reassure everyone that I’m fine. And in general, I am. I am very proud of how I handle what comes my way. But sometimes I […] Read more…

      Chronic Illness

      Different Mobility Aids for Different Mobility Days

      One of my favourite instragrammers, Julian Van Horne (@thedisabledhippie) recently started a hashtag that I am loving. It’s #DifferentAidsforDifferentDays and it was created to help explain and celebrate the nuance of disability. The point of the hashtag is to normalize the idea that a lot of disabled people use a variety of different mobility aids […] Read more…

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